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Who we are.

Behind every great project, there's a great team.

Krishna Singh



UVC began with Krishna. His enthusiasm, work ethic, and genuine care to help people—no matter what their situation may be—were and continue to be at the heart of our team. Krishna began recording video for events for his middle school as a favor and never put the camera down since. Over the years, he has been on top of technological advances, starting with analog recording and linear editing through to today’s DSLR cameras and nonlinear editing software, graphics, and animation. The cornerstone that pushes everyone to succeed, Krishna is incredibly dedicated to the UVC clients. His greatest treasure? His terrific triplets and, of course, a camera to document all their adventures.

Derrick Thomas

Founding Member/Videographer


We like to call him “the human tripod”—but in that joke lies so much truth! A key team player since 2000, Derrick's steady hand and keen instinct have helped capture incredible footage that is a breeze to work with from a post-production standpoint. He will quietly make his way through any location and wow us with his shots. Derrick holds a full-time job during the week and has been a videographer with UVC on the weekends and weeknights, arriving early to shoots and staying as long as the clients may need. Without him, UVC would not be where it is today. His claim to fame? Being requested by name from having been the lead videographer at other events.

Beena Syed

Office Manager


If we had a gigabyte for every time a client has commented, "Your office manager is amazing!," we would never buy another hard drive. Beena loves that no one day is the same in this field. She brings a deep understanding of how each role in production works in tandem with another, herself quickly becoming the bridge between our clients and our team. She contributes her talents to nearly every aspect of UVC and happily sees each project through from its very beginning to its completion. Beena is a customer-centered manager who strives every step of the way to guarantee the highest quality product. Her motivation? "Amazing the client with how we can make their vision a reality!"

Whitney Bohner

Executive Editor


Casting a spell on years of audiences, Whitney's talents earned her the first ever Executive Editor title at UVC. Her trendsetting, "WOW!"-factor editing skills have made her not just a star, but the North Star. She loves this art because, when done right, it can mix together both entertainment as well as true meaning. Whitney crafts videos that live on. Whether it's a wedding, a life legacy, or just a fun memory, she feels humbled when she gets to be the one using her creativity in how the story will be remembered. Whitney strives to create quality work with each video she edits, always wanting to make it the best and most impactful it can be. Her motto? "It will always be rewatched!"

Jessica McNeil

Executive Editor


"Creativity, Jessica is thy name." We're pretty sure this line appears somewhere in Shakespeare's (lost) manuscripts. Jessica's creativity is matched only by her passion for storytelling. She believes every person has a story to be told and dedicates herself to finding unique ways to present that story. As a UVC editor, Jessica gives each video its own flavor and loves that no two UVC-produced videos are the same. She wants to make sure that every client receives a personal product that is suited not only to their needs, but also to their personalities and who they are as individuals. In this personalized way, she feels she is able to give the deserved respect to each story. Her superpower? Endless optimism.

Helen Duran

Executive Editor


When we need some extra light in the office, we just ask Helen to smile. Her editing skills? Just as brilliant. In the field of video production, Helen appreciates the agency to create work that is priceless and genuinely does justice to each opportunity placed before her. She is a true visionary and infuses that perspective into every video she edits, alluding to films by creatively weaving in nontraditional editing techniques. Helen's approach certainly wins fans as new clients have reached out specifically referring to her edits. Her secret to success? Being impeccably detail-oriented and thorough, while maintaining an artistic flow.

Tabinda Syed

Business Development Associate/Videographer/Editor


We hear management's had a couch placed in her office at pretty much every place she has worked, and we're not surprised. Tabinda wants people to feel welcomed, and that sincerity not only makes interviewees feel at ease, but also helps potential clients in assessing their needs. Her experiences in video production and nonprofit management blend into a spirit of service and understanding for our clients. Tabinda has happily traveled far and wide - truly, thousands of miles - to serve UVC clients and it has become nearly impossible to imagine her not in a car. Her inspiration? Being part of a team genuinely committed to delivering Happiness (absolutely, a capital "H") to every client.

Jessica Juachon



A presence of energy with a heart of gold, Jessica - or, as we affectionately call her, "JJ" - has quickly become known for giving her all to whatever the goal of the present may be, whether it is capturing the unique vibe of each event (UVC-style, of course) or thoughtfully shaping an edit that brims with meaning. A trend she began with a family wedding video in fourth grade, JJ continues the strive to give every client her best work. When asked how she makes this happen, JJ shares how she feels each video holds the same importance for her as if it were for her own family. Her happiest moment? Dancing through the finish line, having helped create the most perfect project possible.

Lucas LaMontagne



Where there's a Lucas, there's a camera. And quite possibly also a glidecam, GoPro, drone...you get the (motion) picture. While his editing masterpieces have also been rolling out, we especially love to watch Lucas rolling the camera. His enthusiasm for capturing the perfect shots, each of which tell a story, has quickly become a true asset to UVC. When asked how he approaches his work, Lucas says his drive lies in making sure each finished video is "more than what the client could have asked for." A perfect quote to describe his tireless work ethic? "The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there" (Vince Lombardi).

Spencer Owen

Executive Editor/Videographer


Spencer treats every moment like it's the last, and that's a true superpower when it comes to being a creative professional. No matter the occasion to be captured or message to be conveyed, Spencer delivers with his stellar videography, editing, and animation skills to make sure all is crafted beautifully and on-point. He strives to put himself in our clients' shoes to materialize what matters most to them, recognizing that you only get one chance to get things right when filming at live events. The mission he makes possible? Ensuring that every pixel counts, whether he's behind a camera or a computer.

Wazinah Shahin



Capturing countless events for UVC, Wazinah strikes a balance between "fly on the wall" and "omnipresent octopus" (yes, we believe our clients will agree, she deserves her own idiom). Multitasking is the name of the game when it comes to being an excellent videographer, and Wazinah ensures she is responsive to UVC clients' every need during their events. Not only does she catch the candids to be cherished for a lifetime, Wazinah pays careful attention to guaranteeing that all clients look their absolute best and shine on camera. What makes her happiest? Making UVC clients happy, gauged by all the thank-you hugs that come her way at the end of every event.

Jenny Ross



Jenny loves to make timeless treasures, and that makes her a perfect fit at UVC. At events, her top priority is to capture the uniqueness of each story, and, as an editor, she invests careful time, attention, and creativity to making each video a true gem for our clients. When not eyeing wedding cake, Jenny can be found smiling about the projects she's working on. And, through her work, she passes that smile on to our clients as they enjoy her videography and editing for years and years to come. Her approach? Appreciating what makes every event unique and celebrating each by treating it to its own customized artistic style.

Derek Drapeau



When it comes to getting exactly what each project needs, Derek is a man on a mission. Always looking to become stronger and stronger at his craft, he pulls from his growing visual arts skills to make the client's dreams a reality. Being able to make a living doing this is just an added bonus for him as Derek's true inspiration lies in delving into his camera equipment to preserve pixel-perfect moments. With his creative style and determination, Derek turns every video into gold. The elixir for his creativity? The opportunity his work provides him to reel his vision and ideas onto the screen.  

“The best videographers…”

The best videographers in Tallahassee, hands down!

- Amanda B., April 2018

“…always gone above and beyond…”

Krishna and his team are wonderful to work with. We've used his company for a variety of projects and he has always gone above and beyond to produce high quality and engaging video content. Their team is also very polite and easy to work with on every shoot. I highly recommend them.

- Sarah S., September 2016

“Your beautiful work…”

I want to sincerely thank Mr. Krishna Singh and his associates for the tremendous support they provided to the Public Speaking for Kids Program. Your beautiful work allows many of my students to improve on their skills and strive to do better. Jessica did a spectacular job of recording these speeches that will continue to make so many people proud for a long time to come. Unique Video Creations is not only great at what they do but they are phenomenal for the generous support they are providing in the community and I thank them so very much.

- Rosemeen P., May 2017

“…a must have for any wedding.”

Unique Video Creations is absolutely a must have for any wedding. From start to finish Krishna, Beena, and the entire staff at Unique Video Creations was hands down first-class service. They were very hands on and great communication throughout the entire process. I asked for several additional interviews and they were more than willing to make accommodations to satisfy those requests. My husband was very hesitant on getting a videographer due to the cost, but after the wedding he agrees that it was the best money we spent.

- Angela B., March 2018

How we work.

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